Kamloops Jet Vac

Kamloops Jet Vac Kamloops Jet Vac

Kamloops Jet Vac

Kamloops Jet Vac offers sewer maintenance, tank cleaning and hydro excavation services in Kamloops BC.

Sewer Maintenance

Trenchless point repairs, CCTV inspection, pipeline cleaning...

Tank Cleaning and Confined Space Entry

Petroleum storage tanks, municipal wastewater lift stations and balance tanks, and municipal water reservoir cleaning & sanitizing...

Hydro Excavation (Hydro-Vac, Daylighting)

The simultaneous use of high pressure water with the vacuum permits hydro-excavation which is fast and safe around buried utilities...

Trenchless Pipe Rehabilition

Kamloops Jet Vac offers the latest rehabilitation services. We can cut intruding service connections with our robotic cutting equipment, install point repairs and complete full length relining using U.V. technology.

Confined Space Entry

KJV has been recognized as an expert in this industry for a decade. We’ve been invited by W.C.B. to contribute to its CSE policies and by major oil companies and municipalities to conduct their most challenging confined space entries.

Carbon Reduction

KJV utilizes the most advanced ultra-violet (U.V.) curing system available. UV light cures the pipe liner with less energy and less pollution than steam-cure or hot water cure. UV eliminates contaminated water disposal and does not release styrene infused steam clouds,