Hydro Excavation (Hydro-Vac, Daylighting)

Hydro Excavation Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation (Hydro-Vac, Daylighting)

  • Precision excavation requiring minimal site restoration
  • Expose (Daylight) buried infrastructure without damage
  • Pipeline repairs and inspections
  • Daylight prior to drilling to ensure no utilities intersection, rupture, or line strike
  • Reduced “footprint” compared to hydraulic excavator or backhoe.

Jet Vac Truck

The Jet Vac truck combines a very powerful vacuum with a high pressure water jetting system. On its own the vacuum will remove material from the ground or a culvert. The simultaneous use of high pressure water with the vacuum permits hydro-excavation which is fast and safe around buried utilities.


Locating (daylighting) buried utilities, precision excavations to avoid buried utilities, slot trenching and spill clean-up. KJV has effectively cleaned up wood chips, grain and crumbed rubber from spill sites effectively and environmentally responsible.


Risk reduction — water is far less destructive than steel backhoe buckets! Cost reduction — by reducing an excavation’s footprint, restoration and paving costs are minimized. Time savings — smaller precision excavations typically need less time than larger ones.