Trenchless Point Repairs

Trenchless Point Repairs Trenchless Point Repairs

Trenchless Point Repairs

When pipe damage is limited to one specific location full length lining is not required. Kamloops Jet Vac installs FRP point repairs to the location in need of repair. We first clean and CCTV inspect the pipe to identify the problem and its location. The repair length and thickness is determined and we prepare and install the point repair, a post repair video is prepared and provided to the owner. All of this is accomplished without digging up the repair site!

Point Repair advantages:

  • Forms a structural repair from inside the pipe
  • Eliminates infiltration sources without excavation
  • Inexpensive compared to full length repairs, or excavation with site restoration
  • Eliminates roots and infiltration from displaced joints

Trenchless Solutions

Our trenchless point repair eliminates expensive and disruptive excavations — no pavement to replace or landscaping to renovate — saving your resources.

Trenchless Integrity

Our trenchless point repairs can restore the pipe’s strength to its original strength or better.

Trenchless Quality

Our trenchless point repair seals the break in the pipe at its location — eliminating infiltration and exfiltration as well as eliminating root intrusion.